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Lalakrose, the epic one-on-one roleplaying website run by Lala and Krose!

About Lalakrose.forumotion.comEdit is an online text-based roleplaying game run by a pair of teenage girls. The site assumes a theme in violet and white. The front page is, simply enough, the forums. The forums have two categories - one related to Roleplay, and one entitled "To Our Guests:" The former of these two has three subcategories within it, including a section for Character Listings, a section for Roleplay Topics, and a section for Finished Roleplays. The "To Our Guests:" forum, meanwhile, contains a simple note for visitors to the site, advising them that the site exists solely for the enjoyment of these two teenage girls, and that no other members will be granted permissions to join the site. The warnings seem to work, as the two teens who run the site are the only listed members to date .

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